EDiS in the Press (& elsewhere!)

Here are the places where my lovely Blog,  hand-crafted Products, Etsy & Folksy stores have received some recognition........

 SewHip! Magazine - Issue 32 SEWING GALLERY Item 'd' - Draught Excluder 'Scotty Dog'

 SewHip! Magazine - Issue 36 SEWING GALLERY Item 'b' - Embroidered Phone Pouch

SewHip! Magazine -Issue 36 (also!) STAR PRIZE WINNER Item 'e' - Art Deco Peg bag

Etsy store - Recently Listed (screen shot)

Etsy -Treasury List 1 (phone pouch, top row, 2nd from left) 

Etsy -Treasury List 2 (phone pouch again, top row, 3rd from left)

My Folksy Store homepage - Dec 2011

My Etsy store homepage - Dec 2011

Blog review in Sew Hip! Magazine
Zoomed image of blog review (Millie my 'apprentice')!
 SewHip! Magazine - Issue 37 'Sew on the Net' A lovely write up was featured this issue about this blog which praised my enthusiasm and quirky creations. It was accompanied by a lovely picture of Millie (my feline sewing apprentice!) claiming the ironing board in my 'sewing room' as her own.

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