Monday, 20 October 2014

Lackadaisical Blogger!!

Ok - so I am absolutely mad-busy right now so the title of this blog is completely ironic!  It should be more like 'Every Month I Sew For A Few minutes If I'm Lucky'!

I'm loving being 'mum' and my little man is thriving. . . . . he has the most AMAZING social life! Infact, he has an activity to attend every day except Fri, Sat and Sun! Phew!

I'm busy creating an 'Art Journal' of motherhood which I am really enjoying however, I'm running a little behind. .  . . 
I've got up to week 14 (he's currently 19 weeks +2 days) but I'm keeping daily notes so that I don't forget anything which we get up to. There're also a few creative souvneirsgathered during our endevours which are included along the way.
I'll post up some shots when I next get the chance. . . . . (he'll probably be 18 at that point!)


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Abi said...

Hi, just stumbled upon an old post from your blog when I searched for UK fabric swaps. I am enjoying your posts. Just wondering if you have any plans for another swap, I would be very interested in joining as I have lots of scraps. Best wishes, Abigail