Saturday, 24 May 2014

Back to the Sewing Machine

So I haven't really made much of late, despite my best intentions but that is about to change. Pinkie Swear! ;p

Yesterday I sorted through all my fabric stash and I also had a look through some of my favourite sewing books, magazines and my Pinterest 'Crafty Inspiration' board. Now I have lined-up a few things which I'm about to crack-on with.

Loving these fabrics right now

Some of my fabric stash

Why is it that sometimes too many crafty ideas can be overwhelming?!?! It makes me spin on the spot!

To help get my head in the right place, I've decided that I'm going to start with a cute fabric height chart to hang on the wall in the baby's nursery and after that I'm going to:  
  • a) make a dress for my gorgeous niece who is about to turn 1 
  • b) make a wall-sampler alphabet picture for the nursery  
  • c) make another reversible  'Emmaline' apron (as I love the one I made myself a while back but could do with another for when it's in the wash)
  • d) continue with my totally hand-stitched long-term hexagonal patch baby quilt (which is slowly taking form).
my version of the 'Emmaline Apron' by Sew Liberated

Long-term baby quilt project

I've ordered some tape measure ribbon via eBay for the height chart and in the meantime (i.e - today!) I will start on the patchwork background element  (all being well and pregnancy procrastination mind-set staying away!!)

I've been sketching and thinking through some of the design elements which I can include on the height chart but at the moment I am opting to have lots of random cute images as opposed to a 'theme' as such.

I'm considering tractors, farmyard animals, a ginger cat (to represent Millie), cars, birds and trains at the moment. All these things represent us and where we live so I think that they will work really well and be relevant to our little boy.

Some of our neighbours!

Speaking of which, it's now only 2 weeks 1 day until he is due. Fingers crossed he doesn't keep us waiting beyond then as I really want a cuddle (and to get my own body back please. This one is useless and very clumsy!)

37 Week bump!
On another note though, the little man's nursery is looking good so far. We still have a few things that we want to do but seeing that he'll not actually really be using it for the first few months, we have time to get the finishing touches right.

My handmade bunting is now up
We're loving traditional wooden toys
Anyhow, in the meantime it's back to the sewing machine. I'll share project pics soon


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littleRamstudio said...

Loving that apron, especially liking the softly pleated bib piece. Very feminine :)

Good luck with your tiddler, not long now!