Sunday, 20 April 2014

Summer - The best time of year by far

Hello again

As the title suggests, I'm just loving this time of year right now and feel ever so happy. I think it is because we've had some great sunny spells here during the last few weeks and it's just magical how a bit of vitamin D can boost the spirits.

I recently visited Windemere in the beautiful Lake District for a 4 day weekend to celebrate my mum's 60th birthday and we were blessed with beautiful weather then too. It's probably the only time I've ever been there where it hasn't rained . . . . . . . . it was even more gorgeous as a result.

We all stayed in a gorgeous lodge on the shore of the lake and it was just the most perfect get-away. Our last before our little man arrives.

The whole weekend we ate fantastic food and enjoyed the gorgeous scenery. This was topped-off with a lovely cruise of the lake. Simply gorgeous.

So I'm 32 weeks and 3 days pregnant - not very long to go at all and the tiredness is starting to kick in! I'm off for the Easter break at the moment though which does help as I'm really enjoying the opportunity to take lots of afternoon naps

The first week of the Easter Break I was poorly with a chest infection amongst other things (The curse of being a Teacher!) but this week I'm feeling much better, much to my relief. I'm back at school on the 22nd and straight back into A Level & GCSE Textiles and Photography exams. 

So far the kids have been doing great so I am very proud of them all right now.

I'm staying in work up until the end of the exams and then I leave to start my new life as 'Mum'. I'm very excited but some nerves are starting to kick-in a little.

I'll very much miss teaching but know that at some time in the future I can do a refresher course and get back into it again. It may be a few years though so in the meantime I intend on throwing myself into as many mother & baby groups as I can.

Speaking of baby, his room is almost ready now. We've just had some furniture delivered which I'm now in the process of filling with all his freshly washed and pressed clothes.

To match the bedding we bought for his cot, I've made a matching Owl softie (shown in the photo above) and I'm also in the process of making a hand-sewn Hexagonal patchwork quilt (it'll be a while before he can use this thankfully as it's going to take a while to make!!)

I also made a cute baby ball last week and put a loud bell in the middle - it'll be perfect to hang from his pram.

Some more exciting goings-on around here involve our Great Tit V's Blue Tit chaos that has been going on in out 'penthouse' bird box the last few weeks.

Every time the Great Tit um & dad brought in their bedding material, the Blue Tit couple would remove it - looking to make this luxury box their own! In the end though it looks like the bigger Great Tit's won as she is now happily sitting on 10 eggs!

Last year we had 9 Blue Tit eggs and 7 fledged - here's keeping everything crossed that these two are just as successful.

In the meantime, I'm going to be glued to 'bird-cam' whilst we await our own little arrival.

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