Friday, 21 February 2014

My NEW sewing room is here!

Hello again...........

My posts are a little few and far between but I am getting more organised so hope to be updating frequently again soon. I am back at the sewing machine once again so hope to be bringing you lots of tutorials and photos soon of all things crafty and stitchy!

So, I am 25 weeks and 5 days along today but annoyingly still experiencing some pregnancy sickness. Only about 107 days to go before we meet our little man though so I am trying to hang in there! It's so exciting and as you can imagine (despite the nausea and constant nasty taste in my mouth!).
Our house is in chaos getting things ready for his arrival.

Part of this has involved redecorating some parts of the house and moving my sewing room to the other spare back bedroom (it now takes up part of the guest room) as my previous space is now the baby's bedroom.

I don't have quite as much space as I did have but I am slowly getting it more organised. In the photo above you can just about make out the room in the background that was my previous sewing room but now housing a gorgeous little cot bed.

We have decided to go for a mostly turquoise theme for his nursery and I have been busy making some accessories ready to get it dressed up

I visited Aberkhan in Stoke recently . . . . .(and nearly got squashed when an old duffer reversed through the front window of the shop but that is another story!) . . . .and bought some gorgeous fabrics to make this lovely 4metre length of double-sided bunting.

I've been stocking up on baby stuff too but we still have so much to get!

I have also been busy making lots of English paper-pieced hexagonal patches by hand - ready to make a matching baby quilt.

This is going to be a labour of love as you can tell but I love making patchwork in this way - it's perfect to pass some time whilst I wait for my little boy to arrive too.

As well as all this stitchery going on in my personal life, It is GCSE and A Level Art Textiles time too so I am busy getting exemplar work ready for my pupils. I have chosen to focus on the Fairs and Carnivals question for my AQA GCSE girls and for my AQA A Level girls I am going to concentrate on the Sea Life question.

It takes some time to compile resources to inspire pupils but I love doing it. It's just a shame there are not enough hours in the day really to do what I would like.
I've started my sketchbook and am currently looking at the work of Milena Doncheva

Before I sign off, a quick word about the craft fair which I had my first stand at on December 1st 2013 (as I have been asked how this went.) To be frank it was a waste of time in terms of sales but a good experience in terms of setting up, displaying craft products and meeting other makers.
The Christmas fair itself was at the Wychwood DeVere Hotel in Cheshire. . . . .  a gorgeous location and really beautifully presented HOWEVER. . .  it had been really badly advertised and the footfall was dire.

As a result, I sold the grand total of 2 (yes 2) items - not even covering the cost of the stall. This was good considering many other sellers sold nothing!

I think my stall looked OK for a first attempt. I took loads of photos so that I can make sure next time the presentation will be even better (and I'll definitely be looking more into foot-fall next tie I book a stall!)

I'll be back soon with more stitchy projects and pregnancy updates.

See you soon
Gem x

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