Wednesday, 29 January 2014

This is what I have been up to of late. . . . . .

Apologies for not being around much this last few months but I have been working on my trickiest (and favourite) project yet ...

I've been extermely poorly with Hypermesis Gravidarium (acute pregnancy sickness) for the last few months and am only now just getting back on my feet.
I'm 21 weeks and 3 days pregnant and last week we discovered that we have made a little boy. This is our first baby (and it will be our last too due to the poorliness I have experienced during the process!)

Needless to say that we are delighted and very excited about our little man and just cannot wait to meet him. He is due on June the 8th and it can't come quick enough for us.

I've been avoiding anything sewing/craft related as I didn't want to form an assosciation between that and my sickness but now I feel that I am ready to return and I have some wonderful projects in the pipe-line.

I'm back teaching 3 days per week right now where I am very lucky to teach Photography, Textiles and Art. I adore my job but intend to have a few years off when our little man gets here to be a full-time stay at home mum.

I look forward to blogging frequently again and it's lovely to have you all along on this journey


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Josie said...

Hi Gemma, you never told us all how the craft fair went, was it a successful learning experience? Hope you're feeling better, I know the awful sickness can last the whole time. Look forward to more posts when you're ready, Josie