Friday, 6 September 2013

Summer draws to a close (already!)

So summer is almost over and Autumn will be here very soon - where has this year gone?!?

I've not been anywhere exotic this year on my hols although I've still had a lovely summer break. I've been lucky to get lots of rest and relaxation but the school bell is ringing and it will soon be time for me to get back to work. TBH I am feeling very ready to return ( this is most definitely the 1st time I have ever wanted to get back to work!!)
I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the Academy where I've been working since November last year will require my services again as I truly love working there.

Work aside, I've now got everything ready for the fairs that I'm selling at this year. My first being in Madeley, Staffs in October (this will be advertised in future Making Magazine edition 'Calendar' pages) and the second is here in Cheshire in December.

I'm really happy with the range of products that I have made - I still have lots of ideas for more so will try to add even more to this before the time comes.

It's amazing really what goes into preparing to sell at a craft fair. I've been referring to my Pinterest boards to gather inspiration for table layout/display and have also found many useful websites which offer advice for those in the same position. 

By far this website has been the most useful as there are so many good tips and links to follow. If you've never visited Craft Blog UK before it's well worth a look around.

Anyhow - I'm off to chill some (and to spend more time mooching around Pinterest)


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