Monday, 5 August 2013

Craft Fair Preparation

Hi all,

Since my last post I've been REALLY busy. I've had my creative cap on and have been glued to my sewing machine (not literally, like!) as I've just signed up for my 1st EVER Craft Fair which is being held on December 1st at Wychwood Park De Vere Hotel in the gorgeous Cheshire countryside.

I'm so excited that I've even had a few sleepless nights. I think I may keep a notepad by the bed to note down all the ideas that keep arriving in the early hours

Pinterest is proving to be a valuable inspiration - I've created a board all about craft fairs which you can visit here
What Delia Did - A lovely fair display

I've been VERY busy making lots of lovely products and planning my display and packaging . . . . .  Here's a sneak preview:

If you've ever been part of a craft fair/show, what are your top 5 tips? 

I'd love to hear from you (If for nothing else, then to show that I'm not just typing to myself every post!!!!) ;p

In the meantime, Happy Crafting


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Lauren Sews said...

Your things are lovely and your Pinterest is really inspiring! I am also thinking about having a store at a Christmas Craft Fair this year so I would love to know any tips too! My blog is, if you wanted to have a little look at stuff I make. Thanks!