Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Sewing in the Sunshine

Shalom one and all!

Well summertime is officially here and since my last post I've been very much enjoying the sunshine and have been busy getting on with many sewing related tasks.

Today is my 1st day of the summer break so I'm going to start planning some more projects to be getting on with during the next 8 weeks later on this afternoon. Suggestions are very welcome - what would you do with 8 weeks break?

I've finally completed my Mollie Makes (Issue 27) embroidery which will eventually form this gorgeous summer top. The only problem being that I need more plain white cotton before I can get it finished. It looks like an essential trip to Abakhan (my local fabric store) is needed ;) (like I need an excuse!)

During the last week I've been busy making my 2nd doll (Jess Brown style) which is a gift for Ian's mum. She saw mine and loved it so I've made her one of her own.

This photo shows doll number one on the left (Lets call her Jess!) and the newbie on the right . . . . . . . .

I've used the same reclaimed fabric for her dress but I've also given her the most adorable shoes; complete with buckles and bows.

The sweetest shoes!

Both dolls have a jersey ponytail with a cute pom-pom bobble trim

Newbie has bangs!

Bag, Bags, Bags! 

At the moment I'm making some adorable drawstring bags in cute fabric in a child-friendly size. I plan on doing a craft fair at some point soon (my first ever fair) so I thought that I'd start making some products to get ready well in advance. I figure that these would be quite popular......

This bag is made in a lovely 'Little Red Riding Hood' strong cotton fabric :)

Little Red Rising Hood Fabric Detail

I finished the bags with some strong cord and a robust metal eyelet. Also, I'm also making other versions which include; dinosaur sub-marines and children of the world fun character fabrics. Stay tuned to see what these finished bags look like.

I've adding some of these gorgeous bags to my Etsy store should you wish to get you hands on one of these first!

Since I last blogged, I've received a Making Magazine prize which I just have to share with you (especially as I don't think that I have EVER won anything in all my 34 years!!!!)

Each month they have a product giveaway section where you just have to write in to put yourself forward for the items you're most interested in receiving. I did this for the first time for issue 35 and surprise, surprise . . . I received this lovely Megan Nielsen dress pattern in the post. . . . . . . . .

I can't wait to get on with making the dress as I love the classic shape. It's been a couple of months sine I last made an item of clothing so I'll share with you how I get on (just as soon as I've bought the fabric and notions to make it!) I have to say that the pattern looks great and straight-forward enough to follow. I'll let you know how I get on.

In the meantime; I'm off to plan my summer and to finish off a few bags in the sunshine with a Pimms by my side.


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