Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Sewing Cuteness, New Family & Tummy Podge!

Hello all,

Well, my beautiful niece made her way into this chaotic world on June 13th. She's called Imogen Daisy (how sweet is that for a name). I gave my sister the patchwork baby ball and quilt that I made (and blogged about recently too) and they both went down very well. 
My (other) Niece and Nephew are now hankering after one too!. . .  It looks like I need to get back on my sewing machine again! :)

My sister has had many people stop her, not only to admire Imogen but also to ask where she got her quilted pram blanket from. Looks like I should get some more underway!

Work is much easier going now since our Year11's left so I'm finding that I've got much more time and energy at present.
As I'm feeling energised (despite being a year older since my last post!), I've started jogging and have started back at Spin class. I want to shift a bit of weight as I'm feeling a little podgy around the middle (Isn't podgy a great word)!

Sewing is a great hobby but not the best for maintaining a great figure.... especially with a packet of Jaffa Cakes within reach!

I feel your pain Bridget! lol
I know that I'll feel so much better for getting back in shape but making that initial trip to the gym is always a nightmare isn't it? I keep telling myself that when I drop a stone I'll get a holiday booked. A week on the beach would be just perfect.

I've had a few productive days at the sewing machine and have been busy making things from a book Ian bought for me for my birthday. It's called Pretty Patchwork Gifts, by Helen Philipps and has some gorgeous projects which are really easy to follow. I've made loads of the products already and have many more lined up. Here's a few that I've made:

What's your favourite Sewing book? I'd love to hear your recommendations.


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