Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Chair make-over: From grotty to Shabby chic!

Remember the chair I bought a few blogs back for £10 during my antique shopping spree? ..... Well, I've been busy giving it a new lease of life and I'm really pleased with the outcome.
This is my 1st ever attempt at anything like this and I'd love to hear what you think...

The Chair (Original)

So this is how it looked when I picked it up a few months back. I loved this chair as soon as I laid eyes on it as it's a fairly small size and I just knew that it'd be perfect for a corner in the guest bedroom.It was a lovely sturdy chair too so I knew it'd make a great project....
Step 1
Removing the ric-rac style trim
Just as soon as we had a few sunny days, I got the chair outside and removed the padded seat. It looked (and smelled) pretty old!  First to go was the trim which came off easy with a tug. Next to go was the green chenille fabric (Yum!). Underneath was the wadding material (which was pretty manky). This looked like natural fibre, wool maybe?
The final 2 layers I decided to keep - these gave the foundation for the new seat pad and seemed both clean and sturdy ... A rattan woven base, topped with some hessian (nailed in).
There were so many small nails holding the seating pad together that I had to do this in two parts.... blisters ahoy!

Here you can see the layers of the original seat.

Lots of nails needed to be pulled out!
Just as soon as the fabric and wadding had been removed I got to giving the chair a light sanding. I used an electric 'mouse' sander for most of it and a small piece of loose sandpaper for the small areas. In all, this only took about 10 minutes.
I then gave it a really good wipe down with some sugar soap.

Part sanded
Step 2
Next came a thin layer of plain white emulsion. Luckily I chose a sunny day so this dried pretty fast....

Step 3 ... and then the heavens' opened!!!

I then painted a thin layer of NEXT emulsion in 'First Bud'..... a pastel green colour and again, left to dry:

Step 3
To give a really neat finish I finished off the painting with a final layer of white emulsion and when this final coat had dried, I carefully sanded the chair to uncover some of the green layer and some of the original wood....


Step 4
Next, the chair needed 'shabby-ing' so I sanded it in the areas where the chair would typically get knocked and rested upon.....

Step 5
After a gentle dust down with a brush ,I added two thin coats of furniture varnish (allowing to dry thoroughly between coats)

Step 6 - The Seat Pad
Remember the old grubby green seat pad.... well this is what I replaced it with: 


A crazy patchwork design with a white ric-rac trim.  

To attach the pad fabric, after much searching, I chose to use some gorgeous domed upholstery tacks which I sourced via ebay. These were simply hammered in....

Jelly - enjoying his throne!!!
So ta... daaaaaaa. So proud of myself as this is not bad and it looks so lovely in the room. I think I may have found another creative hobby :D

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