Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Stitching up a storm

Hi peeps....

So here's my finished Kindle Cover that I mentioned a few posts ago.......

Taaaaa Daaaaaaaa........what do you think?  I just love this multicultural cute fabric and I've used my new walking foot to quilt the case.... It's lovely and padded to help keep my Kindle damage-free whilst in my handbag.

It seemed silly to make just one...........  I was on a roll so I made this academic /blackboard /mathematical themed case too and this cute pink fabric girly one too. I'm going to add these to my Etsy and/or Folksy shops later.


I also made a few more gadget pouches in the same lovely fabric.  I've sold a fair few of these and have many myself, keeping my digital camera and mobile safe.


These pouches would make a lovely & unique 'Thank-You Teacher' type gift :)

I've been busy all weekend getting on-top of the housework and all other matter of exciting household chores(!!!!) I've not had much chance to add to my GCSE sketchbook that I told you about recently but it is looking good (if I do say so myself!!) ;p

Practical embroidery stitch examples

From tomorrow though I'll be working on Wednesday and Friday only each week.... this gives me LOADS of time to get stitching and creating so I'm very much loving this new arrangement. Long may it continue. I'll hopefully be able to blog more frequently too.

Speaking of work/teaching, I've discovered these GREAT You Tube tutorials for teaching and learning all about the many different embroidery stitches... these are my reference for completion of the stitch examples, as shown in my sketchbook above.  

Mary Corbet produces these short, informative videos in a lovely, clear way...this makes both learning (and, in my case, teaching) these stitches childs-play. Well worth a visit.  I'll be using her tutorials in my lessons during the next few weeks.

Finally, I've decided to get back onto Twitter so that I can keep up-to-date with all those crafty connections, plus regularly update what is going on in the realms of EDiS. You can find my Twitter feed to the right so don't forget to follow for up-to-the minute news.

Any whoo........... I'd better go and get some lesson prep done.......

Thanks for visiting & I'll see you back here soon


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