Monday, 25 February 2013

Antique Shopping spree!

I thought that today I'd share with you some of the embroidery work that I've been playing with this week.....

As previously mentioned, I've been teaching year 10 and 11 pupils some of the basic embroidery stitches to help get them all exam-ready.

I've produced several examples but here's the current one which I dip into each lesson and keep adding new stitches to.....

I'm hoping to totally fill this with all sorts of lovely embroidery stitches and then I may frame it for my sewing room.

Since it's been half-term in Cheshire, I thought that I'd (at long last!) have a proper read through one of my Christmas presents; Freehand Machine Embroidery by the wonderful Poppy Treffry.........

......and it seems that I'm getting the hang of it.......

I was wondering what my first project could be and then I spotted my example GCSE Textiles sketchbook on my desk........ voila! A lovely, totally unique cover for my book.

I'm really proud of how my sketchbook is coming along. I forgot just how long it takes to gather and display research but I am still absolutely in my element as it is such a lovely creative thing to do.
Here are some more pages that I've been working on of late........

Angie Lewin Research

Angie Lewin - this page is not complete as yet.

My embroidery stitch examples are looking good....

The pupils loved stitching these stars on their work :)

Paper construction for Textile items......... such fun to do.

60's style dress

I just love this elegant dress that I made from the page of an old french children's story book.

So what do you think? feedback is very much welcome :)

As well as my sewing projects, I also paid a local antique emporium a visit last week and surprise, surprise..... I've got a few more projects to get on with ......

Taaaa daaaaa.....New projects!

Small chair

I'm considering painting this in the 'shabby chic' style (probably following the tutorial by Kirstie Allsopp - but not quiet in her choice of colours !!!!!!) It's a lovely small size so it will be perfect in the guest bedroom.
I would like to re-cover the seat pad however, I'm a bit nervous! It has a woven base & the current pad looks pretty well-fitted. I just don't want to damage it so the green trimmed velvet may have to stay!

Printers tray

I've wanted one of these for ages after seeing them in so many craft magazines re-fashioned into gorgeous shelving units for displaying small treasures I've finally got my hands on one.

I cleaned the tray with some sugar soap (and OMG - it needed it!) and hung it by 2 nails on my sewing room wall.
I know that some people like to paint them but I'm thinking it'd be nice to keep it original. What would you do?

I've displayed a few small treasures already but this is the sort of thing that I would like to evolve over time so that the collection displayed holds lots of memories and meaning.

Having said this, I do still own a few things that I intend to include just as soon as I dig them out from the 'safe place' that I've stored them! hmmmmmmm - answers on a postcard please!

I've got some gorgeous inspirational images on my Pinterest board

Vintage Plastic 'Jelly' Bag (Mon Sac)

I saw this and my knees literally went weak and my heart fluttered!  I used to have a small red bag just like this when I was little and I remember it was very much a precious thing to me. I've no idea what happened to it but I've very fond memories of playing with it in the car whilst my sisters argued with my dad! :D

It was just £6 and I'm totally in love with it. Unfortunately, so is Millie!

Last but certainly not least I also picked up a lovely piece f solid oak which is the perfect size for a shelf to store my cookery and baking book in the utility. I'm just looking out for some lovely brackets now. I think I'll give it a quick sand and some wax too.

The cherry-on-the-cake had to be this small 3D picture of a swan an her signet.... now proudly hanging in the WC.

All-in a great shop (and not at much expense either.)  I'm so surprised how into this re-fashioning of items has gripped me as I used to only buy new from Next and other stores. Now I'm proud to have items that have been pre-loved and will be for a long time to come.



Lynette (NZ) said...

Hope you are still picking up comments on this post. I LOVE your sketchbook - both inspiring and beautiful :-)

Ambermist said...

I love what you did with the cover of your sketch book! it's inspired me to cover my own textile gcse book. I've got some good ideas :)

Gemma Day said...

Thank you to you both :)

I've loved every minute of producing this book (and try to continue adding to it whenever I get the opportunity)

Ambermist - You'll have to send some photos of your cover as I'd love to see what you have created.
Are you taking your GCSE's this year? If so I wish you all the luck in the world. I know it can be a daunting time as Ive taught GCSE and A Level for a while now but hardwork definitely pays off in the end.

Gemma x