Friday, 18 January 2013

Busy, busy, busy!

Hello from a snowy, frosty Cheshire

Our school closed early today as the snow was coming down thick'n'fast.  Add to that, Ian called to say that I'd better get home ASAP as we already had about 8".... he said that if I left it any longer, I'd probably really struggle to get anywhere near home!

Us Brits are NEVER ready for snow are we?! (Despite having plenty of warning this time around!)

Millie's really not a fan. She darted out of the back door as I went to put some food and water out for the birds and she jumped through the snow; clearly not enjoying the brrrrrrr feeling on her little paddy-paws! She was shouting all the while too! Funny to watch but she soon turned round and bolted back into the warmth of 'her' house!

Apart from playing in the snow (I can't resist a snow angel!), I've made 2 kindle covers for my new gadget.  
I was really struggling to find a cover for the standard Kindle (instead only finding covers for the 'Kindle Fire' which I believe is a larger size)
What else was I to do but grab some gorgeous fabric and get my trusty sewing machine fired-up!

I'd love to know which you like the most :)

Cover A) Made in my favourite fabric. I made this quite tight; used my walking foot to add a little quilting design and fitted a matching pink zipper for the fastening.  It's a little on the snug side so I do need to revise the size if I'm going to make some to sell via my Folksy/Etsy store too.

Cover B) This I made from another pretty fabric that I had in my stash with a complementary pink gingham fabric lining.  I finished this pouch with a lovely big matching pink button and ribbon.  It's made in the same way as my previous Phone covers; just on a larger scale.  Fits the Kindle really well.

Both pouches are well padded so ultimately, will prevent the Kindle getting scratched/damaged. I may add some quilting to the 2nd design in my next attempt. What do you think?

On a totally different topic, I've put together this guide to help others who may need to post images in the Folksy Forums: I'm no HTML expert and  I know many other users aren't either. This will hopefully be very useful for some of you?
I've needed to find this HTML code out a few times. Now I have a go-to-reminder of how to do this:  

How to post images in the Folksy Forum:

Open a new internet tab and open the product you want to show off in your Folksy shop.
  1. Copy all the HTML text (below)
  2. Where the text is blue.... replace with the URL for your Folksy item
  3. Where the text is in green ...... right click on your Folksy product image and 'View image info'.  Next, Copy the 'location' url and paste.
  4. make sure all red HTML stays the same

<a href="><img height="400" src="" /></a> 

I think that I'd better go and get some rest now as I have a busy weekend ahead ... hopefully full of sewing adventures!

Until next time, happy crafting

Gem x

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