Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Antique sewing delights...

Hello again - I hope you've had as lovely a start to 2013 as I have?

I've been busy back teaching since Christmas so I've not had much time to blog of late. As today is an INSET day, I'm trying to catch up with a few tasks.

I'm about to dig out some treasured fabric to make a lovely cover for my new Kindle so that I can carry it about safely in my bag without it getting scratched or damaged.... I'll show you what I get up to in my next post so you'll have to pop back soon to check it out.

I mentioned that I got some lovely sewing-related goodies for Christmas and I'm still playing with them.

Ian was lovely enough to get into some serious online bidding wars for some thoughtful presents for me via eBay. He managed to win some of these battles for old copies of Mollie Makes, which I missed when the magazine was first launched back in May 2011.

He even bought me the Mollie Makes Christmas book. I wanted this book as soon as I heard it was to be launched.  I've not read it yet but I'll let you know what I think just as soon as I do.

For those of you who are not familiar with Mollie Makes, it is the BEST magazine out there for those who LOVE to craft (crochet, embroidery, knitting and, of course, sewing).
It's full of lovely projects, beautiful photography, inspiring interviews and is chokka with all that's good in the crafting-sphere. I particularly love nosing at the featured craft spaces and the calendar of upcoming events.

Each issue I visit all the blogs and sites that they recommend and so far I've found LOADS that I'm totally in love with. The Mollie Makes blog is brilliant too so why not call by for a look. And no, before you think it, I'm not on commission (but maybe I should be!) ;p

If you've not discovered it yet, I've also become a little addicted to Making Magazine too. This is again, full of different crafts and lovely projects and reviews. Both are well worth a look.

Making Magazine have a lovely crafty forum here.

The other thing that I have recently acquired includes this beautiful Singer 99K vintage sewing machine, dating all the way back to 1941.

This belonged to an elderly neighbour of Ian's mums' who passed away many years ago and left it to her.  She's kindly allowed me to be it's guardian for the foreseeable future.
It has all it's accessories, including needles in original packaging. One of the catches on the bases needs repairing someone has clearly attempted this in the past..... badly.

I'll apply my wood work skills to this when I get a moment as the original brass plate is still with the machine.

damaged catch

How it should look!
The machine needs a clean and oil but other than that, I've had it working and it still sews beautifully.  It is the older 99K model as it has the turn dial for selecting stitch length (as oppose to the lever-type adjusted of later models.)

Old meets new!

It's a hand-crank mechanism which is gorgeous to use but I may fit a motor so that I can also use it as a powered model.

So pretty

Any how... I'm off to make this Kindle cover before I get further distracted. Have a lovely week and I'll blog-you later.



Annabelle said...

Love these old machines. I found one in our attic last year, which is now with my son in NZ. My Xmas present was made on it. My Brother finally died this year and although I have a very special Janome I miss it so much. They were so uncomplicated.

Gemma Day said...

My Brother Innovis-20 is amazing Annabelle so feel for you that your's broke. I believe that Janome are a really good, reliable make though?

It's hard not to have favourite tools and equipment though isn't it?!

I think that I'm going to have to get another table (or a bigger one) now to accomodate both.

My empire is expanding :D