Thursday, 20 December 2012

Sorry for not blogging.....

... I've had a busy few weeks!  Firstly, working TOTALLY out of my comfort zone (Nursery pupils) and now as an Art supply teacher at a GORGEOUS Academy here in Cheshire.

I've fallen 'off the spin bike' because of my recent work but figured that the extra ££ will come in very handy this Christmas (so it's be rude not to!). I finished for the Christmas break yesterday and I'm due back on the 7th Jan. Lots of lovely sleep and food in the intrim me thinks!
I love getting back into my drawing whilst teaching 11-17 year old pupils (as I haven't done very much drawing for many years).

Sadly, I've not had a lot of time (or energy for that matter) to complete much crafty stuff.... only a few bitty things really:

Hexagonal Patches..... not sure what for but I just love making these.

In the past I've made bags, cushions and a quilt blocks using these..... they're very easy and addictive if you've never made them before. Great for a bit of hand sewing infront of the TV!

Fabic Flowers.....I've made one of these into a ring.  I don't know why but they're easy and fun to make.

Crochet (attempts!) ........ I'll get there one day!! In the meantime I'll just keep playing.

Draft Excluder - Not very exciting I know but makes a big difference by the front door! Packed with Polyester filler and some split beans for weight.

I've got a few other things that I hope to get round to during the next few weeks. I'd love to hear what you're making at the moment too.

Star-wars theme Snowflake :)
In the meantime, I'll be mostly avoiding eating too much junk and spending time with loved ones.

Until next time.....

Happy Holidays

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