Saturday, 22 December 2012

Sewing room - additional storage..........

 .... and time for a general tidy-up!

I bought this rail, 4 red pots and additional hanging hooks recently from Ikea to help better organise my sewing space and to ensure the bits I need all the time are close-at-hand.

The bonus of having my large MDF board is that I didn't even have to drill into the wall to secure the rail.

Pots of space!

Hanging hooks too!

This was a storage bargain really. The rail cost just £2, the pots were 60p each and the hooks were £1 for a pack of 6!

I think I'll be getting more of these for storing tools, seeds etc in the shed in the new year.  I'm really impressed :)

I've also taken some time to tidy my room as it did look like this......

What a mess!
But now (thankfully!) looks more like this ......

So, as previously mentioned I finished for the Christmas break on Wednesday.

The weather here is blummin awful in true school-break style ...... the clear chilly skies and frost has 'done-one' and made way for heavy rain, dark and dreary skies. So I ask you, what better to fill the days (as there are only 3 sleeps now left until the big man himself visits) than to get on with some sewing?

With this opportunity in mind, I grabbed the chance and made a (much needed) draft excluder for the front door yesterday.

Even though our house is a new-build, we get a gale blasting through from the bottom of the front door - just another job that I need to get sorted in the spring! I spotted he perfect fabric in my stash so got to sewing a solution......

I actually ended up making 2 excluders in the end as I was on a roll (ahem!).

The first I made in a green chequered fabric, left over from the outdoor seat pads that I made during the summer.

The second I made from a lovely fresh green linen.

I added a pin-tuck natural linen feature to match in with out lovely curtains from NEXT.

Which do you prefer? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

As well, as making my draft excluders, I recently visited my local library and was delighted to discover just how many craft books they now have on their shelves.

This resurgence in all things handmade seems to have prompted them to invest in some really lovely books, much to my delight.

I checked out 'Quilting in No Time', amongst others, and it has fast become one of my favourite books.

It is written by Emma Hardy and contains '50 step by step weekend projects' and it is truly inspiring.

I decided to try my hand at one of her projects yesterday; a baby ball which I have really fond memories of helping my mum to make for my youngest sister when I was just a kid myself.  I got to task and within a few hours I had totally hand-made this gorgeous ball, complete with secured jangly bell.

I've already prepared many more hexagonal patches for my second.... a girlier version for my God-daughter who will be 1 in February. I'll share more photos just as soon as it's completed.

I think that this will be my final blog before Christmas so I'd love to wish you all a very merry, happy, chocolate-filled, sprouty time!

Gem x

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Annabelle said...

Love the sewing space and the pin tucks look great. Pretty blog.
Happy New Year and keep it up.