Saturday, 13 October 2012

Sewing Anxiety Buster!

Taa daaaaa - my finished trinket box
I've been struggling a little with my anxiety levels of late, something that I’ve been prone to for around 8 years now. It’s been very difficult to settle down with any crafty/sewing tasks without a 'fight-or-flight', really tense sensation taking hold of me which makes some, seemingly trivial things, pretty unachievable.
I liken my anxiety to writers block..... it’s a state of mind which I try not to allow to rule my life however, sometimes I have no choice but to put certain activities on hold until the really bad days pass.  Only others who have suffered, or indeed still suffer from acute anxiety really understand this awful grip it can have... It’s really so very frustrating!.
When I’m coming out of a really anxious time, I have to ease myself back into my sewing with a really straight-forward activity... almost to prove to myself that sewing isn’t scary!!! Wierd isn't it?

With this in mind I spotted this lovely sewing kit in HobbyCraft last week. I thought the kit would not only be a nice quick and cute project for me, but it would also make a lovely fun stocking filler this Christmas. It was a bargain at just £1.99!

Cupcake trinket box - stocking filler gift review

My niece LOVES craft things so I thought this would be a perfect present for her and an anxiety-blasting task for me to complete.
The set comes in a small plastic wrapper and has all the bits you need, except a metal needle (a plastic one is included), which is necessary for attaching the large pompom on this lid, and also some fabric glue for attaching the tiny pop pom splotty-dotties on the top!

Lovely clear illustrated instructions

The set is available in 3 colours, Pink, purple and aqua. I went for pink for myself and aqua for Georgia.

The felt pieces are all pre-punched and the instructions are really easy to follow, bearing in mind that Georgia is just 7 years old!

The finished trinket pot is really quite pretty. It's now sitting proudly on my sewing table jammed with bits’n’bobs. 

The lid is a bit tight for the base so I’m going to tighten up the base opening later with some additional stitches to rectify this... nothing too drastic.

All-in-all, a lovely project and great stocking filler idea.  

I'm feeling a little less anxious now too! :)

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Mucky Pup said...

Those Cupcake trinket boxes are amazing!

I like to buy little things I can easily make within an hour or two. Great for those days when you just can't seem to get anything productive done.