Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Scary Toast!

Hello all,

Just a short 'n' sweet one to show you what we've been up to.....

Me and Ian had a Pumpkin carve-off the other evening. Here's our final pumpkins .........

Ian flaming scarred face.....

 Me Scary skull with Boo at the back!

It has to be said that I think Ian won this one....... he said mine looks like a friendly piece of toast!


What do you think?


Debbie said...

Very impressive, the flaming scarred face is super-spooky! I see what he means about the friendly toast though, hee hee!

Debbie x

Gemma Day said...

ha ha ha - thanks for that Debbie ;p

Would you believe that I'm the one with the arts degree..... ha ha ha

You've made Ian's ego even bigger now LOL

;6 x