Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Crispy leaves and purple hair!

Hello everyone and a HUGE  welcome to my new followers - lovely to have you along :)

Apologies that my last review was a little down-in the-dumps. I'm not having quite as anxious a day today and the sun is shining here in Cheshire so all is good in the world (of EDIS anywhoooo)!

This mood is also brought to you as I finished work last Thursday. I've now got some time to get myself together and to tackle some new sewing and gardening projects before I look into my future employment situation!  At the moment though, I'm really hammering the gym and getting myself back into shape. I even went Spinning yesterday ........... Ouch!

This is a really brief post as I'm off to the hair dresser in a mo. I'm due a full colour and cut and thought that I'd be a little adventurous and brighten up the upcoming winter months with something a little different.  I'm keeping the fringe and most the length but am going to go for a gorgeous warm purple hue for the first time EVER. I'm really looking forward to it so will share (just as soon as the die gets off my scalp! :p )

On my return I'm going to kick LOTS of crispy leaves and pick up a few conkers.  

I'm living the dream :D


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