Friday, 19 October 2012

Autumn Pumpkin Fun / Applique old-school Telephone

Hello all,

I'm loving being off work at the moment and have a MEGA busy week, what with housework and getting back into Exercise classes again (including a surprising new-found love of Spinning)! Who'd of thought that'd happen!?!?!?!? The pounds have (reluctantly) started to shift.


I've also been busy getting into the Autumn spirit (or 'Fall' as my American friends may prefer :D )

I've just discovered a wonderful dolls house/miniatures blog where you will find this brilliant fimo / modelling clay Mini Pumpkin Tutorial
I'm not particularly into dolls houses but this tutorial is an exception.........

It would be a great project to do with kids or, just yourself for a little Halloween crafting fun :D

On the way back from the hairdressers at the start of the week, I stopped off in a side-road to collect some lovely shiny conkers...... Passers by must've thought I'd lost it!  I'm not entirely sure what to do with them tbh but I'm sure I'll think of something.

Photo from the RSPB website as the blighters are just too fast for me to capture!
I've been watching the Jays enjoying the bountiful acorn harvest outside the house and we've almost munched our way through our apple harvest (with a little help from the neigbours). They had to be the best yet.............. Sweet and crunchy. Delicious.

Back on the topic of Halloween, I visited Tesco this week and have put together some goody bags (sweets and novelty things) for our pending 'Trick or Treaters'. We only get a few each year (mainly the neighbours very young children), as we do live a little off the beaten track.

Whilst there, I also bought 2 pumpkins, one for me and one for Ian, and they are now ready for our carve-off! I think my design - a scary spider in his web may be a little adventurous! I have a back-up skull design just incase! Now we just need to gather some carving tools together knives and a scalpel will have to do!.......... Pics to follow :)

Practice run (not too successful as you can tell!)

I've been busy getting on with a Telephone Machine Applique project, as taken from last months' Making Magazine. Before I tackled it, I had a little practice as you can see.........

Although I have a free-motion foot I just couldn't get the hang of this technique. The finished applique looks OK but I definately need to practice. The You Tube tutorials by Poppy Treffy (Brilliant applique one-stop-shop) make it look so much easier.

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