Saturday, 22 September 2012

Autumn is upon us!

Changing colours
 At last - my favourite season is here. I woke this morning to a gorgeous blue sky over the Cheshire countryside and a misty haze in the air. The cobwebs are looking all frosty and the spiders are trying to move indoors (much to the amusement of the cat!) It has to be the best time of the year.

Freshly picked - still with the morning dew on :)

I've noticed some of the trees are starting to change colour and the garden is looking a little more sparse. Each Autumn we make the time to take a lovely walk through a local forest to soak up the change of seasons and it is truly a highlight of my year.

This weekend I am going to spend some time helping my nephew with some school coursework (as my sister is getting mighty stressed)! I'll also be enjoying the Singapore F1 and hopefully squeezing in some 'me-time' sewing :D

August 2 Block of the Month - Craftsy

The September blocks are in from Craftsy but I need to buy a 'Drunkards Path' template before I can get on with those'.

I picked up a few books this week, just £2.99 each from one of my favourite discount shops 'The Works', including these: Easy Crocheted Accessories by Carol Meldrum and Make your Own Misfits by Bobby Dazzler's. I'm determined to teach myself how to crochet so this weekend I'll be having a go again so watch this space for my progress. I'll defo be creating the slug and frog misfits from the latter book too so I'll be sharing my creative creature photos soon.

In the meantime, coursework is calling. Happy sewing/crafting and I'll be back soon

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SaraBeth said...

Hi Gem,

I'm a new visitor and follower. Also a massive fan of The Works. There don't seem to be any near me though. There is an Oxfam bookshop right by my work, which is a dangerous place for my purse.

Love the look of the misfits book,

Pop by and visit sometime,
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