Monday, 6 August 2012

Summer holiday sewing - week 3

Not good I'm afraid :/

I'm feeling a little rubbish today (and a little sorry for myself) as I seem to be coming down with a grotty chest infection. I've had to cancel a workout with a school friend this morning which I've been really looking forward to. I'm going to take it easy, get loads of rest and hopefully it'll pass quickly.
We've rearranged the workout for Saturday so fingers crossed, I'll be better by then.

On a more cheerful note though, I've been busy getting some of my Craftsy blocks completed during the weekend:

Traditional scrappy Dresden block
Taaaa daaaaa......These are two Dresden blocks: The first has the more traditional pointed end styling and is made from loads of scrappy finds. The second is a more modern take on the Dresden. It uses just the two fabrics and has a straight end.

Modern Dresden - Straight ends
 Both these blocks look like they should be really tricky to complete but they were actually really easy. I'm loving the finished result and can't wait to see how they sit alongside the other blocks.
I'd love to hear what you think.......which style do you prefer?

I've also just stumbled upon the 'learn to crochet' tutorials on Meet Me at Mikes blog which I'm going to have a go at whilst I'm in my sickbed....... if you've never been over to their blog I really recommend it as there are loads of inspirational tutorials to have a go at.

I'll let you know how I get on with my crochet lessons but in the meantime, Happy stitchin'

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Kiwijo said...

Wow, these blocks look great. Ive had a look on the Craftsy site and am seriously considering taking the plunge have giving them a go myself. Thanks for pointing them out. Hope you feel better soon. Jojo