Thursday, 16 August 2012

Sewing projects a-plenty!

Well great news........ I'm feeling so much better at last!  As I've whined about recently (just the once or twice!), I've had this blummin' awful chest infection with a cough that makes me sound like a sea lion! It's not only been painful but has really affected my sleep (and anyone within 200 metres!) After finally seeing sense and admitting that it wasn't getting any better, I visited the doctor on Monday and received some much-needed antibiotics.  Although I'm not totally back to full splendiferous health, things look like they are starting to get better. I just need a full night of sleep to feel completely revitalised.

Anywhoo, the plus side is that since I've been house-bound I've been able to concentrate on quite a few of my sewing projects.

I've completed my McCall's K2588 dress now after finally buying a zip in the correct length............


Side view

It fits really well and I can't wait to wear it out in the sunshine with a cropped white cardigan and some pretty wedges. I just need to tweak the rear neckline so that it sits a little more snugly on the back of my neck .......  I think a couple of teeny darts may fix this but I'm going to look through all my dressmaking books first to see if there's any other method I can use which would be more suitable.

I've also been making peg bags which I'm MEGA proud of. My favourite is the washing line bag.... check out this fun applique design......

I'm going to make some more for my Folksy and Etsy shops. I have also made a few using the vintage fabric I told you about in a recent post......

These are now available to buy in my Etsy shop
(see the link on the right of the page)

Since I was feeling a little more energised today, I  decided to go for a lovely walk in the Cheshire countryside to make the most of the sunshine and the fact i had some energy.  I was out for about an hour and had a great time. It really made me feel relaxed and gave me chance to think about the projects I want to complete next.............

Watch this space to see what I've decided.

Until then

Happy Stitchin'!


Michele Marriott said...

Our blogs ARE similar! Thanks so much for following mine. I'm following you back. Your dress is adorable and I am in love with that PEG bag! Glad to meet you!-Michele

Gemma Day said...

I wish my photography were as good as yours though! ;p