Sunday, 8 July 2012

Sunday Afternoon musings

Good afternoon from Sewing towers!  Millie is here keeping me company on what is  a pretty relaxed Sunday afternoon in the sewing room.
Oh - to be a cat!
'We're' currently keeping busy making Simplicity 'Project Runway' dress pattern K2588 which so far, seems to be going smoothly (famous last words)! It's a really pretty pattern that I picked up at a craft show earlier this year which I have been eager to get making.  I've chosen to use a cotton fabric I bought some time ago from Aberkhan in Mostyn for a silly (low) price.

Making the bodice
I love the turquoise and pink combo and think that this will make a really elegant summer dress once complete.
Keeping my pattern pieces organised

Ever since staring dress making just over a year ago, I keep getting drawn towards Simplicity 'New Look' patterns (which I find really user friendly and therefore easy to follow - ideal for those new to dressmaking), this is my first attempt at a 'Project Runway' pattern by Simplicity and it has to be said, I'll definately be making more from this range.

For some jobs, only the dining table will do!
I've found the pattern slightly trickier to follow.........this is due to there being so many 'designer options' available within this one dress (e.g, sleeves, no sleeves, collar, yolk, fit or flare skirt, belt or tabs etc....).  It's still relatively easy to follow but maybe not advisable for a first-time attempt at dress making, owing to all the variations in the final product.

I love the 'croquis'* idea which comes with this pattern as I've never before come across one..... it offers great scope for designing your own unique product.

* the croquis is a tool which helps you draw the variations of a pattern to help you design your final product ..... kind of similar to those dress-up paper doll kits you used to have as a child - the ones with the tabs to keep the clothes on the paper doll!

I'm now at the stage where I'm adding the sleeve facings as I've opted to make the sleeveless version dress with the large yolk collar and a flared skirt.  The bodice is looking really good and I can't wait to get it completed ........ I'll be sure to post up loads of photos when I do!

In the meantime, why not have a look at Fancy That blog to read Nikki's review of this same pattern, her choice of fabric is gorgeous.

In the meantime, I'm off to listen to some music (over the sound of a snoring cat) and to have maybe just one more cup of tea before getting these facings on!

Blog ya soon,



pella said...

Nice pattern, how's it progressing?

Gemma Day said...

Good morning Pella :D

It's going really well thanks for asking.

I've got as far as to piece the bodice and sleeve interfacings (which are looking great), and now that I've finished school for the sumer break, I hope to get the dress completed this week.

Fingers crossed that the sun keeps shining (as it is today) long enough for me to wear it this year!