Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Summer Break - Week 2

Good afternoon all from drizzly Cheshire!

Despite the current weather, it has been brilliant of late and I've had such a lovely time so far this summer break - life is indeed very good right now.

I've been up to loads of things since school broke-up including; gardening, catching up with friends and family. I've also been a complete bookworm and am now getting on with more sewing and crafty things. Phew! I hope that I can keep up with this pace for the next 4 weeks! Getting back to school will be like 'R+R' at this rate!

I've got much more planned in terms of catching up with more good friends (whom I haven't seen in a while) and I also plan on getting a little more decorating completed........... a never ending job (as I am sure you are completely aware!) 

To top this all off, just like the scrumptious cherry on a cake, my fitness regime is back on track (ahem!) after a year off. I've been enjoying LOADS of cycling and am currently visiting the gym 5 times a week too. When I'm a not getting on with all of the above, I'm enjoying the Olympics which are currently being held, as you are totally aware, here in Great Britain. Go team GB :D

So what are you all currently making at the moment? I do love to hear what others are making as it can be really inspiring. Speaking of which, why not check out my Pinterest boards at the moment.....they're filling up rather nicely. Just click on the link to see what I have been adding.  

The dress pattern, K2588 which I told you all about in last post is coming along beautifully. I should have it completed over the next few days. All we need now is for the sun to return so that I can proudly show it off.
I have been wearing  one of my other sewn creations of late, a skirt from New Look (6354) in a really pretty floral fabric bought from John Lewis. It really is a great fit and a lovely summer staple. I think I'll have to rifle through my fabric stash to knock a few more up as it is a really straight forward to make for even those new to dressmaking.

New Look 6354 Skirt

Anywhooo, time to get cracking on the sewing machine so pop by again soon to see my pretty new dress and don't forget to share your current project with me. 


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