Sunday, 17 June 2012

Further sewing endevours of a non-novice!

I've been having quite a few 'stitchy' weekends of late, hence my lack of blogging...... sorry about that but I'll always be sure to call back with updates as soon as I get a moment.

I've made sure that I made the time to get creative (in-between getting on with loads of sewing 'favours' for friends and family that is!) and I've been loving every minute.

Shoulder tote with Invisible inside pocket
Pilot baby gro (gift for a friend)
 As the weather over the 1/2 term break was shocking (no surprises there then), I was more inclined to stay indoors than working out in the garden so I've caught up with my Craftsy Blocks and am now just adding the finishing touches to June #2.

Blocks up to May

I've learnt so much whilst taking part in this online course that I am now tempted to try out some of their other courses.  Watch this space :D

The sewing room is really coming into it's own now. I don't think I'd be able to go back to working on the dining table again! Millie is still more of a hindrance than a help though (but I wouldn't be without my little ginger apprentice!)

Busy but very much organised!

I bought a dress form off ebay just a few weeks ago which has so far been very helpful. It is a polystyrene-type (the less expensive kind) and it has been brilliant for hemming and tweaking clothing so far. It's ideal for pinning too.  I also used it to have a ebay clothing clear-out.... it's amazing how much more popular the items were because they were displayed at their best.

£38 and well worth it

So the plan for [what is left of the] weekend is to complete the aforementioned block, to sort through my patterns and find the next project.

I'm hoping to get some more sewing bits for my birthday next week too so I'll be sure to blog all about it. In the meantime,  happy sewing

Gem x

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