Monday, 30 April 2012

Weekend sewing update ......

Meet Millie - My pretty sewing assistant!
So yet another weekend is over but on the bright side, at least we have a longer one coming up next week (in the UK at least).  Since I no longer work Friday's, this means I have a 4 day weekend to look forward to:


So the weekend that has just departed was a wet & dreary affair here in Cheshire. I don't think it stopped chucking-it-down for a moment yesterday. In typical UK weather styleeee though, Monday's here and the blue sky is back! Grrrrrr.

As it was so miserable, I had no choice (!!!) but to get on with some sewing!

I'd previously decided to make a few patterns from my Sew Everything Workshop book (S.E.W), by Diana Rupp which included the 'Easy Breezy Wrap Skirt' and the 'Wear Anywhere Yoga Pants'.

I'm pretty delighted with the outcome of each so here's a little report for how I got on...........

Wrap Skirt

I'm a UK size 10-12 but these pattern sizes are, at the least vague,  They are presented as S, M or L only.

As I wasn't sure which of these would be best, I opted to make a toile for the wrap skirt in a size L, using a cheap calico I bought from Ikea a while back.

As it turns out this was a very good move. The skirt is too big for me so I know that a M would be much better to make in my 'real' fabric, just as soon as I get a chance.

This picture doesn't do the skirt much justice (I could REALLY do with a dressform) but the quality is lovely and the instructions were really easy to follow. It was the perfect opportunity to practise my darts.

Detail of skirt toile
For just the price of a book, you get several lovely, versatile patterns that are pretty timeless so I really highly advise you get a copy on your wishlist too.

As soon as I get round to making my wrap skirt in 'real' fabric I'll be blogging all about it so watch this space :)

Yoga Pants

The second pattern I attempted from the same book was equally really clearly explained.  I decided to go for Large for these (but after my skirt toile I've no idea why I didn't go for the M)?!?

For a while now, I've been meaning to buy some comfy 'trews' for wearing about the house so when this pattern quite literally fell out of my S.E.W book, they struck me as just the job!

I'd bought some really soft dark grey fabric ages ago whilst visiting one of my favourite sewing shops, Aberkhan in Wales and I just knew it would be perfect for these 'lounge pants' (as I prefer to call them)!

The pattern was really clear and easy to follow. It covered hemming and buttonholes (for the ribbon/cord) and was a fun project which only too an afternoon. I would like to think a newbie sewer could attempt these without too much bother.

I just need to finish off the hems on the legs and hey presto; one pair of (very slouchy) lounge pants.

After all that sewing fun, it was time to get my room back in order........ it's starting to look and feel like a real workspace and I LOVE it.

So that's my weekend update 'updated', I'd love to hear what you have been making or what your plans are for the Bank holiday weekend so please share in the comments area below.

Until next time,

Happy sewing, 

Gem x

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Marie Vickers Art said...

I do like the look of your sewing room! And the wrap skirt looks good, hope to see the finished skirt on your blog soon in your chosen material! :)