Tuesday, 6 March 2012

My very own crafty sewing space

Hello again :)

What have you all been crafting recently? I've been really busy working through my Craftsy Blocks of the month and have been really suprised by how much I'm enjoying patchwork.

My favourite scrappy block yet :) March # 1

When I first started sewing (just a little over a year ago), I thought that my main areas of interest would purely focus on dressmaking however, the more I'm discovering in the world (or should that be universe) of sewing,  the harder it is to specify my favourite area.  I just love it all!

I'm defo not a sewing newbie anymore though ......... in my humble opinion! ;p

Apologies that this is such a short post - It's been a busy few weeks both at school and at home (as we've currently got some builders in). On the plus side though, I've now got my very own sewing room which I am VERY excited about..... more to follow but any workspacec decoration tips would be very welcome :)

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