Friday, 17 February 2012

Recommended Sewing & Crafty Reads

Good morning - hope that all is well with you and that you currently have something scrumptious on the go in your crafty world :)
I was lay in bed, feeling very relaxed this morning reading through my lest edition of Mollie Makes and thought that it's be a lovely idea to share some inspirational reads with you all.
I currently subscribe to 2 sewing-related magazines which I look forward to receiving very much each month. I've bought many sewing and craft magazines to find my favourites and I know that there are several that are just too old-fashioned for my tastes, there are however some really good publications now available - I've discovered another just this month that I'm also going to subscribe to :)
I would really like to hear which magazines you enjoy and recommend - the more suggestions the better as I'm sure there are others that I have not yet found.

Mollie Makes
I have been reading this magazine since the 3rd issue and have never been disappointed (apart for the subscription gift offer never being received........ the subscription company continue to be a little shirty about this!)
The magazine is currently up to Issue 11 and is published monthly - therefore it is a very 'young' publication. It costs £4.99 and is printed in the UK by Future Publishing.
They have a really good website and blog here where more information is available.

The magazine is printed on gorgeous quality FSC paper and this makes it feel wonderful to leaf through - much more so than your typical glossy magazine.  The photography used throughout is nothing short of beautiful. The lighting and staging are really inspiring and draw you into the set  - I would buy this just for the photography as it really makes me smile :O)

Other aspects that I love about this magazine include the lovely free gift that comes attached to the front of each issue. These contain all the instructions & materials to produce a lovely crafted product... from needle cases and purses to key rings and felt jewellery. You can share your finished project on their Flickr page too.

The embroidered button freebie kit

This magazine does not focus purely on sewing projects alone. It also features Crochet, Knitting and Embroidery projects which I love to have a look at even though these are not my main areas of interest.

What else does it include?  Well, in a nutshell..........
- Craft book reviews
- Product trends
- Interviews
- Patterns (Mostly full size - also available to download off website)
- Inspirational work spaces
- Website & Blog reviews

If you've not yet had a read of this I really do recommend you get your hands on a copy (as you've probably realised by now and no, I'm not on commission!) ;o6

Keeping organised
Sew Hip!

This is the magazine that really helped me to build confidence as a relative newbie to sewing as it really does include many well-explained step-by-step projects in every issue. It comes complete with a 100% pattern sheet too - so not scrabbling around trying to get them reduced/enlarged like you have to with so many sewing magazines!  A nightmare if you don't have a photocopier to hand and lets face it, not everyone does!

Sew Hip! is another monthly magazine however, this is printed on glossy paper like so many other magazines. It costs £4.99 too and is currently on issue 38.  Again, relatively new as far as magazines are concerned.  Published by All Craft Media / KAL Media.
Their website has been rubbish up until recently but now they have their own blog here and website here which seem to be much improved.
I have also found this blog 'Behind the Scenes of Sew Hip' on the Sew Directory website which is quite a good read.

I now have almost every copy of SH - these are normally pretty sought after on eBay (as a lot of the early editions are now unavailable on back order).
The patterns in the magazine are very much varied and there is always at least one thing each edition that I really want to make ......... not a bad hit rate! The projects differ in difficulty and are really well illustrated.

The magazine also contains:
- Book & web reviews ( my blog was reviewed here just a few issues ago)
- Interviews
- Patterns ( including full-size templates)
- Product reviews
- Readers gallery (I've proudly had several of my crafty endeavours featured here - see my EDiS in the Press page, above)
- Dedicated Flickr group

Embroidered Phone Pouch - As inspired by SH!


This is my latest magazine find which I just have to share with you all as it is (in my humble opinion) BRILLIANT! ;o9
It is printed on lovely quality paper, just like Mollie Makes and is published 13 times a year by GMC. It also costs £4.99.

I cannot really talk in a lot of detail about this magazine however, I a really impressed again by the projects. These cover areas similar to Mollie Makes so is not focused purely on sewing however, the project featured are still lovely to leaf through ad I may well turn my hand to working in wool at some point as I do feel inspired!
This month, issue 18, the magazine came with a free project supplement, 'Home Sewn' as shown in the photo above - there really are some lovely projects in here which I cannot wait to have a go at.... these vary from pin cushions to patchwork quilts....... One thing for sure is that there are not enough sewing hours in the day for me at the moment! 
The website for Making Magazine is also well worth a look as there are some more lovely recipies to drool over!.

The photography in this publications is on a par with Mollie Makes - it's simple gorgeous and makes me drool! 

Again, in a nutshell this magazine contains the following:
- Sewing & many other craft projects, including paper craft and crochet
- book & web reviews
- Craft event calendar - what's on this month in the pursuit of craftiness!
- Hot pick products
- Reader Q&A feature
- Inspiration pages (simply gorgeous photography)!
- Interviews.... 'Meet the Maker'
- Recipies
- Give-aways
- Home decor products & tips
- Projects - well explained and some good illustrations
- Product reviews
- Readers gallery 

I do hope that these reviews have inspired you - I look forward to hearing your thoughts on these and others.

Until then - happy stitchin! 


LeeAnn said...

Wow your blog is so sweet. Crafty mags are not widely available around here, for some reason, but I feel like I must get my hands on a Molly makes! looking forward to following along xx

Gemma Day said...

Thanks LeeAnn for your kind message.

MM is truly brilliant and I'm sure you'll love it just as much as I do. If you visit their website you can order it overseas too. You'll have to let me know how you get on.