Saturday, 14 January 2012

Frosty mornings & sewing endevours

Good morning all,

I woke this morning to a very frosty scene outside - I even had to scrape the car for the first time this year. Not bad for January but that just goes to show what a mild winter it has been so far.
I do love the winter though and really, really enjoy walking in the cold all wrapped up against the elements.
I think that me and Ian will do just that tomorrow if these conditions stay like this...... The sky is lovely & blue and there are small birds everywhere around here.

There's a queue of house sparrows as I speak for the feeder around the back garden. I have to admit that I love the robins the most though. Their little round bodies and red chests stand out beautifully this time of year and make me smile every time I spot one.

I spotted this magnificent detailed picture of a robin on the 'Autumn Watch Flickr group and just have to share:
Simply gorgeous
So, I've been busy so far this Saturday morning - albeit, I did have a  slightly extended lie in with the brilliant book that I'm really loving at the moment; Meet me at the Cupcake Cafe by Jennny Coglan.
I've also been to my local aquarium shop to collect some Reverse Osmosis water for my Marine tank (hence the joyous car window -scraping) and the house is fully hoovered and mopped. *sigh*

After all that, I feel it's now time to get on with a little selfish 'me' stuff (blogging, sewing and drinking coffee mostly) until later.  We're hoping that it's another cold, clear night so that we can get the telescope out after our 'Saturday curry'!

Anyhow, On with the sewing blogging.  I have been busy this week at work and am now back at college (Intermediate Dressmaking course) on a Tuesday evening. Despite this though I have been getting on nicely with some sewing projects..  I would just like to finish one of them now though!

Project 1 = McCall's M5916 (View A - childs dress)
I've blogged about this, my first ever 'proper' dress,  in a previous post so the current state-of play with this dress is:
  • Facings now in (my first ever attempt at inserting these)
  • Pockets on (again, first ever pockets)
  • Shoulder seams completed (hand finished with a slip-stitch)
  • Zip is half-stitched to facing - I'll finish this shortly
Inserting the zip

So proud of my 1st ever pockets!

Inserting the facings
Front view (so far)

Powered by Pimms! Not sure if this was such a good idea! ;p
Inside front view
Inside back view
Front view (unfinished still)

Back view (unfinished)

You can see that I'm still in the process of slip-stitching the facing to the zip here
I also need to finish the bottom of the dress with the ric-rac & ribbon trim and a lovely hem. As soon as this is finished (hopefully tomorrow, I’ll be posting some photos of the finished dress (beautifully ironed too!!)

Project 2 = Peg bag
 I started to make this as a gift for Ian's mum but am not too sure if I like the bias binding ( which seems to be taking FOREVER to hand stitch!). I'm not sure how to finish the 'peak' off nicely so it may just end up on my 'failiure' heap! :D 
Love the colours of this peg bag...

.... just have no idea what to do here!?!

Still so much slip-stitching to do!  Not sure if I'll bother!

 Project 3 = Amish quilt /bed runner
 I got this pattern out of Sew Hip a few issues ago and have not got all the squares of fabric ready to go to make a king-size bed runner and matching cushion for my bed........

 Project 4 = McCall's M6011 (view B) dress

Once again, this has previously been blogged about and is still a work in progress.  I really want to wear this for work (as soon as the weather warms-up a little that is!), but need to get the lining material before I can go any further....

 Project 5 = Fabric Scraps decorations

This was a lovely idea that my college tutor shared with us before Christmas. 

  1. Cut fabric scraps into small squares using pinking shears,
  2. Jab these squares into a polystyrene shape (Bought from a craft shop like Hobbycraft), with a chopstick or the tip of some blunt scissors
  3. Fix a ribbon hanging loop using hot glue or a couple of dressmakers pins
  4. Hang up around the home to look pretty :D 
So, I guess that I'd better go and finish these projects rather than spend all day typing so until next time, happy stitching

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