Sunday, 11 December 2011

Oh - the mess!!

Good morning

Hope that all is well & that you are well under-way with your Christmas preparations. Only 14 sleeps to go! :O)

Now, I don't like to gloat (!!!) but all my presents are bought and wrapped and yesterday, me and Ian has the yearly BRILLIANT task of going to choose our lovely Christmas tree from Keele Christmas Tree Farm.

We didn't take quite as long to choose our favourite (a record was set - 2 hours last year) and we were really happy that the sun was out & it was lovely and cold.  There really is nothing like a lovely crisp cold day to make it feel like Christmas time (in comparison to the soggy grey day it is today! (A case of very good timing me thinks!)

View from my sewing (a.k.a) dining room this morning

So yesterday, we went to get the tree first thing and then things got a little freaky!! .......

......To begin with, we moved the furniture around to accomodate our tree. Next, we spent AGES hoovering and mopping (laminate flooring) the room to 'get it ready' for the tree......

Next up, we positioned the trees' root-ball into the bucket and back-filled with sand..... (bear with me - this is going somewhere.......), during which time, we had sand bouncing off our lovely clean floor, money-spiders, general tree-bits and a ladybird scattered around us.  All topped off with a very playful (and extremely curious) cat!

Once this was completed and the tree was confirmed as being straight, the netting was cut......

.....OMG..... THE MESS!!!!

I went about getting 'Henry' the hoover out (again), locking the cat out of the room, rehoming the ladybird and spiders (I admit - Ian took the responsbility off me for these!) and tried to make our living room look tidy once again!

... next came the decorating of the tree.  Ian doesn't tend to get involved in this task (his preference) so on with the Christmassy music (well Helloooooo Mr Buble!), the return of one very inquisitve cat and the fun began once again.....

Characters appear tucked in our tree...

mis-match of colour and style
So, as you see, we did finally get the tree decorated (although some of the decorations did keep- mysteriously (!!!!) - ending up on the floor (Millie's doing I would most definatly presume) but I think it is our best tree to date.

In dressing our tree however, as you can imagine, there were-oncec again- bits of tree, glitter and 'muddy stuff' all over the (previously clean) floor and furninture. ........ Henry was needed once more!

A few years back, we did go for a silver and blue theme with plain white twinkling lights but last year we started to inject a little more colour and character. I must admit that I find our new tree style much more festive and fun. What do you think?

Aswell as decorating the tree, we also decorated much of the rest of the house.......
Banniser gets the festive touch & Henry the Hoover at the ready!

Festive fireplace


So we got there in the end and it does look (IMHO) bloomin' lovely :O)

Plans for my Sunday (or what remains of it now) include: Updating my Folksy and Etsy shops, 'Tatty Fabric Baubles' blog tutorial and some school lesson planning..........

Until next time, Merry Winter!

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