Monday, 5 December 2011

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

Ooooh Tabs!!

I have just discovered (I know ......... i'm a slow burner!!) how to add tabs to my blog so, as you may have noticed, there are a few on here that currently serve no purpose.  This will all be changing at some point this week - just as soon as I get a moment to move some bits'n' bobs around a bit.

It'll be very much worth a re-visit at the end of the week if you're feeling a little curious.........
It has to be said, I am discovering that blogging  is very addictive and I'm continually striving to improve my little crafty space further. Any suggestions/ comments would be very welcome :)

So, on another topic, I have had a really busy weekend and,  regrettably, NO stitching has taken place. Boooooooooo!
Before you take me to the small-claims court and sue me for false advertising (going by the name of my blog) it has all been in the name of Christmas (so that's alright then!) ;op

We went into the gorgeous city of Chester, about an hours drive away and what a lovely few days we have had perusing the location, shops and Christmas market.  I even managed to finalise all my Christmas shopping, get it all wrapped and safely tucked out of the reach of curious-George (AKA Ian!!).

Tomorrow night I am at college for my dressmaking lesson so I am going to make up for lost stitching then. In the meantime I bid you good night and look forward to cranking my sewing machine up.

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