Friday, 18 November 2011

What creative goodness I'm up to this weekend

Thank goodness for the much-needed weekend being here at last!.  It's been a bit rubbish at school this week so I need a good weekend to get my sparkle back. The Christmas term is always the worst. Dark mornings and evenings do not help to lift the spirits but I have just got to keep on pushing through!

On that note......... not long until Christmas break!! ;p

I love the bright winter sun on a frosty morning

I'm going to be busy working through my 'Sewing To-Do List over the next few days. When I get a minute, I also need to clean the 2 grubby cars which are currently shamefully dirty!.  I need to get them scrubbed before the hosepipe & jet-wash get wrapped up for the winter.

Shiny like she should be! :O)

 After all that grafting, me and Ian will be paying Snugbury's a visit. This is the BEST EVER place to get real Jersey Ice Cream. There are loads of delicious flavours available.  I highly recommend the Christmas Pud and the Honeycomb flavours (although not necessrily together) and look forward to seeing the hay sculpture up close and personal.

Last year they had a brilliant 36ft Merekat! This year it is a lovely 9 tonne Polar bear which we both look forward to seeing.

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