Sunday, 13 November 2011

The trials & errors of my 'lil crafty blog!

Just incase you are wondering what the hell I am playing at with regards to my blog, I'm currently experimenting (big-time!) with the appearance and layout..... I really want to find the design I think best suits my crafty 'lil blog but OMG - it's trickier than I thought it'd be!

Please bear with me whilst I finalise the appearance of my blog - I know only too well that it gets a bit annoying when things are constantly moving around but I hope to get it finalised over the next week

I've decided that (after many hours looking at other blogs) that simple is best so I'm currently working on that.....

..... also, I wish to continue adding lots of sewing tutorials to make the content really useful to other sewing enthusiasts :)

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