Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Stitchin', stitchin', stitchin'! .........

Hello there,

I arrived at college this evening after work and you'd never guess..... it was only blooming cancelled.  Pants eh!
Oooooh....applique!! ;op
Our tutor is poorly (fair enough) but sadly no one had been able to contact me today as alas, my mobile phone it is rarely that (I'm always leaving the damn thing either at home or, switched off!) so I turned up to find a blu-tacked notice on the class door instead. Doh!

Instead, I am going to get on with making some of the goodies on my sewing 'hit list'.  I have two more Christmas stockings to make for family members and I also intend on making some catnip stuffed toys for Millie (to put into the lovely stocking I blogged about recently which I made for her).

But before all of this jovial stitching fun........... time for a brew!

until next time - happy crafting :O)

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