Monday, 14 November 2011

Sew busy.....

What a busy but lovely day I have had today.
School has been good - even if the kids behaviour has generally been a little erratic! I must check if a full moon is on the cards tonight as that'd explain a few things!

After work, I paid a good friend and her 7 week old son a visit which was good fun and then collected a pizza on my way home :)  Yum! I still have a lovely Vanilla slice to enjoy for my dessert which I bought from the AMAZING bakery shop located around the corner from school.

I am kinda' wondering why I bothered going to the gym before work now though!?!

In sewing news, I have been asked to create more of my lovely 'peg monster' peg bags for one of my lovely Etsy customers. I'm looking forward to cracking on with those but have to get on with my college work for the remainder of the evening before I can turn my hand to them.

I do love to be busy when it comes to my sewing but had better go and get on with some stuff .......

... more stitching news tomorrow. Thanks for visiting.

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