Friday, 4 November 2011

Sadly, sewing is not on the radar..................


Sadly I'm not a happy bunny on this wet, dreary English autumn morning .....
This week I have been feeling a little poorly. This resulted in my leaving work at 11am yesterday in order to get into my sickbed where I have been pretty much ever since. My brain is telling me to craft but my body is swearing at me!

Ian is looking after me, as he always does, by making me the nicest cups of tea and checking on me from time-to-time to see if I need anything. Millie on the other hand, is making a nuisance of herself! Yesterday she decided to fight with my feet everytime I turned over in my sleep!  At 7 years old I swear that she still thinks that she is a kitten! Got to admire her enthusiasm though!

I was hoping to go to the big local bonfire on Saturday evening but will have to see how I'm feeling closer the time. Also, I was planning on paying a visit to the Christmas Gift Fair at the gorgeous Tatton Park on Sunday (Ian says that he's rather poke pins in his eyes!) but again, my health will dictate wether this will be possible.

First priority is to sleep this bug off though.  Bleurgh :o\

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