Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Pins, Tucks and pleats.

Last night at college we covered these areas of sewing and what a lovely lesson it was.

Although it is a dressmaking course, we are currently looking at ways to personalise our clothing and I have to say that it is brilliant.  I am learning lots of methods that would lend themselves to not only clothing but home accessories and bags also.

Our wonderful tutor, Chris, introduced us to a brilliant book last night - Tucks, Textures and Pleats by Jennie Reyment (which I just bought myself) which has some fantastic (yet very simple) methods for adding personal touches to garments/accessories of your choice.

Here are a few pictures to show the type of thing that we were looking at last night.....

Pins - very victorian when used in clothing

simple wave effect with pins
A pretty pleated rose (needs finishing with a bead in the centre though!)

quilt-as-you-go stocking. Great for using scraps!

Warp & Weft !

And here are some more of my practice pieces on some old bedding that I had :O)  I can't wait to use these methods to decorate future projects:

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