Sunday, 27 November 2011

It's not what you think Officer!

So, today I will mostly be making some cat toys for our lovely moggy Millie using this rather dodgy looking bag of cat nip!  When I bought this from Pets at Home recently, I could only imagine what would happen if I were to get pulled over by the Police on my way home! 


The tutorial for these lovely cat critters I stumbled upon here. They're really easy to make and the finished critters are lovely. Millie has already discovered the mouse that I have made her. I had to wrestle this back to put away for Christmas (although I may just have to make another one to keep her amused for the time being..... it may be worth it to keep her off the tree decorations!).

Mr Jim-Jams!
So this is what I intend on making more of today - some cat-nip filled toys for her to cause havoc with come Christmas day.  I will fill her Christmas paw stocking ( that I wrote about a few weeks back) with these toys and sweets and she'll be in her element for some time.

 The critter above is my take on a pyjama Wrasse. We have one of these in our marine tank called Mr Jim-Jams) that Millie tries to ambush every time he swims past - much to his (and our) amusement! I am going to create lots of different fish (Including a replica of our Clown fish - Mr Bumbles).

The link also shows how to make a mouse and a bird (although I have not made one of those yet) so if you have a cat, why not make one of these lovely critters and upload your picture onto the EDiS! Flickr group.
She found this one already - hence the state of the stuffing sticking out!

Gold fish -cat nip filled critter
 After these little creatures, I am going to get on with making some traditional style bauble felt decorations - tutorial to follow :O)

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