Thursday, 17 November 2011

Crafty TV programme catch-up

So this evening I have been busy catching up on the crafty current series here in the UK - Kirstie's Homemade Britain.  It is unrealistic to think that "anyone can enter a craft show" in the same way that she does, especially as we don't all have a que of experts on hand, teaching us  but nonetheless, I still enjoy the series and would recommend it to others :O)

Happy viewing


Nenehfer said...

one of my dream job is to be a blacksmith.. even if I'm a girl. I don't care. :) I want to make swords (lol) armours, helmets and other crazy stuff. I love sewing but don't have a talent for it. please post creative stuff! :)

Gemma Day said...

I am a gold/Silversmith by trade so I can totally identify with that Nenehfer. I love working with metal, although I'm equally loving fabric too right now!

There will be lots more craft tutorials coming soon so be sure to call back :O)