Sunday, 6 November 2011

Christmas starts here ..............

So, I'm still not really feeling up to sewing at the moment but thought that I'd try my hand at a little more decopatch-ing whilst sitting in my sick-bed!

I bought a Papier mache initial 'G' last week from Hobbycraft and have been having a bash at decorating it. I thought that this would make a nice little stocking filler for my niece  - it will (hopefully!) contribute a little glamour to her bedroom.

I have opted for a red & white theme and a about to have a go at adding some additional touches to add that little hint of magic.

On another subject, loving the christmassy feeling today. It's really foggy outside and pretty cold. I intend to start wrapping up the Christmas presents already bought (to save having to do them all in one go, which as i'm sure yu're familiar, takes the fun out of it)!

Millie looks like she wants to join in too...............

So on with the wrapping..... wish me luck!

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