Friday, 14 October 2011

Weekend Sewing Plans...

1) FINISH SEWING MACHINE COVER ....... (yes this is yet again on my to-do list!) Oh the shame! 2) Complete 'Mollie Makes' freebie clasp purse 3) Make New Look (6354) Misses trousers - a great pattern that I enjoy every time that I use it. Be this for the trousers or skirts :O) 4) Tidy up my sewing stuff and fabric stash. How does it get so messy? 5) Complete homework for my sewing course - this week I need to complete my applique tasks - as taught to me on Tusday evening and I also need to choose a skirt (with Zip) pattern to make as my next project. I am thinking that instead of choosing a 'pattern' as such, I am going to make my own custom pattern using my very favourite book (see right Amazon link) I'll check in over the weekend to update with progress made. In the meantime..... Happy Stitchin'

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