Saturday, 22 October 2011

October 1/2 term at last!

It's here at last. The term has gone really quick since September but OMG it has been fairly intense! Getting used to a new workplace & colleagues is never an easy task but I am LOVING my new job. Having said this though, this week-off is much needed, not only for resting but to get some creative stitching underway. I am going to Aberkhan this week (the BIG store in Mostyn, North Wales) with my mum which I am really looking forward to. I think that I should take only cash to avoid what is inevitable in these places! They have so much variety of stock that it is easy to get carried away. I need to go through my 'project wish list' and stock up on all the necessary bits'n'bobs to save forgetting anything whilst i'm there! Planning will have to start tomorrow me thinks! I have so many great inspirational project that I cannot wait to get started on (mainly from my SewHip! & Mollie Makes magazines). I also have some amazing books that I have been leafing through, drooling over the lovely makes. Something tells me that 1 week is not going to be enough! :O) Other things that I need to do this week: * Revamping my blog to make it look AMAZING * Add some stock to my Etsy and Folksy stores (Folksy being particularily sparcely stocked at present!) * Clean out my wardrobe! I have so many lovely things that I have much loved but sadly no longer wear or need. Some will be given a new lease of life (stripped for parts or turned into patches), others will go to friends/family and the second hand shop

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