Friday, 28 October 2011

Christmas Stocking Sewing Project

This year I have made a pact with my family that our Christmas budget for each other is not to exceed £15 per person. This makes everything so much more manageable for us all with things as they are (and energy prices so damn high!). I quite like the idea of sourcing some lovely thoughtful presents on more of a budget and having to put more thought into the process so this will be fun (and a challenge I’m sure).
I have 2 sisters for which I am going to make a Christmas stocking for, ready to fill with lots of things that I know they will use and/or cherish.  Some of these things will be hand-made and others bought.  I will feature how this goes as I proceed through the task.  I am going to start off today by making their stockings and then I’m going to go on to look through my fabric stash to see what else I can make for them.  In addition I will then make a paw stocking for my lovely cat Millie, and other stockings for family and friends.

Step 1 – making the stocking template

To do this I drew my template over 4 sheets of A4 paper. I stuck these together with tape and cut it out.

Step 2 – Cutting out & stitching
Next I cut out my boot shape (and added a little extra around the edges for my seam allowance – about ½ should be fine
If you want any appliqué adding to your stocking, this is the tie to do it – before the front & back get stitched together.
Sew the front to the back, right sides together. Trim the seam and press open

Step 3 – The cuff.
Now for the tricky part: For this stage I figured out how big I wanted my boot cuff to be. I doubled this and added a little extra for hemming both ends. I then added my Ric-Rac trim to one of these hemmed edges. Next I made sure my cuff would fit the top of the stocking and sewed the end up, right sides together.


I pressed open the seam and then pinned the cuff (inside out at this point) inside the stocking top. Next, make a small tube of fabric for the hanging loop and turn right-side out and pin this inside the cuff, inside the boot. (Not easy to explain but make sure that when turned out this will dangle out the cuff in the right way. A good video of this technique is available here.

Step 4 – Finishing off
This is the bast part :O)  Turn the cuff right-side out and then top stitch the seam and attach the other end of your hanging loop to add a lovely professional finish to your stocking.  At this point you can then add extra embellishments such as bells and buttons to add that additional Christmas magic.

3rd Attempt = Lovely :O)
Attempt 1 = OK
Attempt = Better
Attempt 4 - Loving the trim on this one :O)

Finally, fill with goodies and enjoy



eileensideways said...

great stocking. love the giant ric-rac trim!

Gemma Day said...

Thanks Eileen - I have never used ric-rac before and fell in love with the large scale version at a craft show a few months ago where I bought quite a bit!
It'll be on everything I make for a while now! ha ha ha ;op