Friday, 9 September 2011

Weekend stitchin' wish list 1

So what to do this weekend? I have several projects that I'd like to tackle but not sure yet if time will allow for one let alone all of them!  This is my weekend making wishlist....................
  1. Sew Hip headband (this months' issue)
  2. Sewing Machine cover (as i'm currently using the cheap plain white ill-fitting one which came standard with my machine which I want to see the back of!)
  3. Laptop sleeve for my LOVELY new laptop (which actually works- unlike my previous beast of a machine!)
  4. Childs dress - Butterick pattern bought at the SCC show last week which would be great practise and would look lovely in my Etsy shop :o)
Well - the intention's there but you'll just have to check back to see if any stitching actually gets completed by Sunday evening ;op

Have a lovely weekend whatever your plans


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