Monday, 26 September 2011

Sewing machine cover project

Almost completed!
As promised, here's the sewing machine cover that I have previously mentioned.  I still have to do the hem  but apart from that it is all done.  Not sure if it is my favourite project to date but i'll keep using it for now........... ou never know, it may be a 'grower'!!

This is the boring flimsy cover that came as standard with my Brother Innov-is 20 sewing machine. I'm sure that you'd agree that it couldn't be less desirable!. (The cover that is - not the sewing machine which is BRILLIANT).

 So my first step was to make so detailed (ahem!!) measurements and to create a patchwork template from coloured paper so that I could suss-out if I liked the layout of different fabrics for the patchwork side panels....

these are the fabrics that I chose to use for the patches as they would inject a little bit of sunshine into my sewing room.... just a little more fun than the original cover me thinks!

..... at this point Millie, my faithful apprentice became a bit of a distraction! Why is it that a cat is guaranteed to sit on the piece of fabric/pattern piece/equipment that is needed at that precise moment?!?
 Sewing the patches together and pressing  the seams as I went kept all the patches crisp....

and then it was time to sew the wadding and lining onto the bask.  Here are the two side panes for my machine cover.  I decided to stick to the same patchwork layout and fabrics on both sides ...
I stitched 'in the ditch' of the patches

I am new to the whole patchwork malarky - this is about the 5th thing that I have made using this traditional craft and I am LOVING it. Once you get the basics it's not that tricky to do (at this level anyhow!)

Quilting on the other hand I am a total novice at! I recommend a quilting foot attachment for your machine if this is a craft you really get into.  I definatly have one on my wish list (as it would help to feed the layers through at exactly the same speed.)
front of my side panels -  a tad bright!!
Making the side and top panels was the trickiest part, I had to ensure that this cover fitted my machine better than the original which didn't fully match the top opening with the machine handle as you can see.....

Side panels - the angled edges made this a little tricky

top panels - larger on one side to accomodate the machine handle placement
And then Millie returned to halt proceedings once again!!