Saturday, 17 September 2011

Current stitching / college course pending!

This afternoon it has been THROWING it down outside ..... the perfect time to get on with some stitching! :O)

Sewing machine cover is almost done and I think it is OK but not completed yet. Maybe I'll warm to it more once I see it looking all tidy and crisp!

I have made patchwork quilted side panels for the cover and have used unpadded cotton for the top. In hindsight I'd probably pad the whole cover to give the top and sides a little more stiffness/support.  Oh well - too late to go back now :oZ

I'll put up pics tomorrow.

On another note, I am starting a 10 week dressmaking & alteration / sewn gifts course on Tuesday at a local college which i'm REALLY looking forward to - I know that this will advance my sewing skills to the next level........ I'll be sure to blog all about it :O)
Cannot wait to be able to make even more things  :O) WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO