Wednesday, 21 September 2011

College course - Part 1!

I finally started my course last night and really, really, really (suprise!) quite enjoyed it!  I was one of about 10 ladies who have signed up for the twilight session of Dress Making and Alterations but we may well have some 'Sewn Gifts' lessons too if time allows it....It's all good in my book if it involves fabric and stitching!!  :)

We started out looking at examples of our best and worst outfits that we took along with us fro our own wardrobes.  This was an interesting part as we looked at cut, colour, fabric, length etc and discussed these in some depth.  I took along a favourite Jane Norman dress and a unfinished Jersey wrap dress (my first dress making attempt) to discuss.

After our discussion we wnet onto look at the colour wheel and our body shapes.  We finished off looking at pattern envelopes and taking each others' measurements which turned out to be a good activity to get to know each other a little better!  Bra size anyone!!!!!!! ;op

Next lesson we are going to have a bash at making some PJ bottoms from a pattern which I am really looking forward to - I just need to decide on fabric now although we were advised that we can use an old sheet if we like to get to grips with the process, repeating it with a fabric in the future if we like the outcome.

Needless to say I cannot wait for my second lesson - Tuesday cannot come quick enough!

In other news I have not yet had chance to finalist my sewing machine cover or to upload pics onto my Flickr account but these are on my 'to do' list..........promise!!!!

Now i'm back working as a supply teacher in a local pupil referral unit I am struggling to dedicate much time to my stitchin' but this weekend i'm going to be at my machine like a crazed woman!!