Friday, 11 September 2015

Learning to Crochet - Part 2 of my journey so far

Sorry its been a while (again!) but don't think this means that I've not been creative of late. I've been very busy since my last post, what with a very cheeky Toddler (well........... bum-shuffler in Thomas' case!), learning to Crochet and being part of a lovely, friendly Crochet group with other local mums (and Surrogates .... yes that's you Steph!). Not to mention visiting all the lovely baby and toddler groups.

Our Crochet Group (name yet TBC!) has been really supportive. Kyrie has been kind enough to teach me everything I know to date. She's even had to rescue my projects so far from pending disaster...... a few times!
Mini Cherries Brooch Project From Mollie Makes
Project 1 - Star Blanket in Red & White DK (shown incomplete)

Project 2: Star Blanket in Multi DK (Shown incomplete)

I love the repetitive nature of crochet and the really quick results achieved. Its lovely to be able to shut-off and relax with a project once I've found a rhythm with the stitches.

I'm hoping to make Thomas some lovely warm hats (and possibly mittens) to keep him toasty in the upcoming cold weather - for which I'll be looking through my ever-incresaing stack of crochet books, magazines and Pins!
My wool stash is already looking quite impressive!

Along with being part of a Crochet group, I've also found You Tube to be a great help. I love the work by Mikey from The Crochet Crowd. He shares some lovely projects which even a novice like me can follow (it is all in American crochet lingo though!)

Until next time, I'll be busy with my hooks but please let me know what you're creating as I love to see what gorgeousness you're all currently working on.


Sunday, 14 June 2015

Learning to Crochet

I've been AWOL for a while now (since Christmas time!!) as I've been a little manic this year.

Thomas and I are enjoying LOTS of baby groups and have made loads of new, lovely friends along the way. It's a great reason to be away from my laptop but all the same, I do miss my blog.

I also miss my Sewing machine as I barely get chance to take the cover off these days.

Because of this I now go to a weekly group called ' Pitter Patter; Knit and Natter' where mums' and their babies can go along and learn new needle-based / Knitting / Crochet skills.

I'm determined to make a Crochet Star Baby blanket (but have some way to go before I have the skills.)
I figure that this is an easier crafty outlet to have in terms of being able to pick up/put it down easily between mum tasks / baby groups!

Rainbow Star Afghan by nibletcrafts, via Flickr

Thomas has just turned 1 (the time has FLOWN, as so many people told me it would), and despite a current case of Chickenpox, he's a fantastic, happy and bubbly little boy.

He had a joint birthday party with his beautiful cousin Imogen (who turned 2 yesterday) at our local village hall.
The party had a Teddy Bear's Picnic theme and a little of Disney's Frozen magic sprinkled in!

I made the invites, decorations and Goody Bags myself and they all went down really well with our many little guests.
The sun even made an appearance (a first for some time!)

Invites in the making

Goody Bags

Papier Mache Toadstool (1)

Teddy bear Party Hats

Food Labels in the Making

Papier Mache Toadstools (2)

' If You Go Down to the Woods Today....'  Door Curtain

Pinwheels and finished Toadstools
Thomas's Teddy Bears PIcnic Cake was made by Laura at Flora's Delights

Imogen went for a Frozen theme, also by Laura. They both tasted fantastic.

Rachel from Boogie Babies provided the entertainment and then Lauren from Perfect Party Princess wowed many of our guests (They were really star-struck) as Elsa from Frozen.

Overall a wonderful and very tiring day was had by all.

I may've just recovered in time for Thomas's Sweet 16!

Friday, 19 December 2014

Merry Christmas .....

.. and a very Happy and Healthy 2015.........

I do keep stopping by my blog and eagerly start to type.... My little man is never far away though and as he's only a very short napper during the day, this results in my deleting unfinished posts as I never get round to finishing them off. A few days later and the whole process starts again.  I am assured that it gets easier though!

When I do get a luxurious moment to myself (in-between washing and botty-changes!) I like to update Thomas's diary ... I'll take a few photos to show you in my next post what that looks like ..... I'm very proud!

Until then, hae a great festive season and keep calling back as I'm still here and anticipating many posts in the near(ish) future.

Gem x

Monday, 20 October 2014

Lackadaisical Blogger!!

Ok - so I am absolutely mad-busy right now so the title of this blog is completely ironic!  It should be more like 'Every Month I Sew For A Few minutes If I'm Lucky'!

I'm loving being 'mum' and my little man is thriving. . . . . he has the most AMAZING social life! Infact, he has an activity to attend every day except Fri, Sat and Sun! Phew!

I'm busy creating an 'Art Journal' of motherhood which I am really enjoying however, I'm running a little behind. .  . . 
I've got up to week 14 (he's currently 19 weeks +2 days) but I'm keeping daily notes so that I don't forget anything which we get up to. There're also a few creative souvneirsgathered during our endevours which are included along the way.
I'll post up some shots when I next get the chance. . . . . (he'll probably be 18 at that point!)