Monday, 20 October 2014

Lackadaisical Blogger!!

Ok - so I am absolutely mad-busy right now so the title of this blog is completely ironic!  It should be more like 'Every Month I Sew For A Few minutes If I'm Lucky'!

I'm loving being 'mum' and my little man is thriving. . . . . he has the most AMAZING social life! Infact, he has an activity to attend every day except Fri, Sat and Sun! Phew!

I'm busy creating an 'Art Journal' of motherhood which I am really enjoying however, I'm running a little behind. .  . . 
I've got up to week 14 (he's currently 19 weeks +2 days) but I'm keeping daily notes so that I don't forget anything which we get up to. There're also a few creative souvneirsgathered during our endevours which are included along the way.
I'll post up some shots when I next get the chance. . . . . (he'll probably be 18 at that point!)


Thursday, 24 July 2014

Ray of Hope - Crafting for Premature and Poorly Babies

Gorgeous Ray of Hope Knitted Items
 Hi all,

I'm pleased to bring the update that Thomas and I are doing well and learning a lot about each other all the time. He's truly thriving and has increased from his birth weight of 7lb9ozs to an impressive 11lb6ozs. . . .   he is now a grand 6.5 weeks old!

He's grown out of LOADS of his clothes already and his feet and hands are already at the end of his 0-3month outfits! I've given him the nickname of 'cuckoo baby' after the rate Cuckoo chicks also grow! :)

I'm a big believer that children should not be plastered all over the Internet so I'll not be posting up photos of the chunky-monkey himself - other than this glimpse of him in his incubator below that is, with good reason of course . . . . . . . .

The items produced by the Ray of Hope volunteers makes such a difference
As I mentioned previously, Thomas was in the NICU  (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) for 9 days after he was born as he needed a little help with his breathing (due to fluid on his lungs which could have become infected). He also needed help to maintain his temperature, learn how to give cues (i.e cry to tell us he needed feeding etc), he needed to learn how to feed (as breathing, sucking and swallowing simultaneously just didn't come naturally to him at first) and his oxygen levels were a concern (due to breathing problems).

There were a few other issues but these were thankfully resolved quickly by the wonderful staff at Leighton Hospital here in Cheshire.

This was an incredibly difficult and emotional time however, whilst we were visiting Thomas, I noticed that there were lots of gorgeous knitted blankets, hats and cardigans about the place adorning lots of poorly little bodies. Also, under the babies heads, there were some lovely patchwork or vibrant fabric sheets/quilts to capture any sicky-leaks before they reached the bedding. . . . . . you can just about make out one of these in the above photo.

As soon as Thomas was on the mend I asked the staff if they needed any more of these making and they confirmed that they never have enough! It was then I was directed to crafty volunteers, the 'Ray of Hope' team.

As it transpired, this group of wonderful people make and donate loads of creative goodies to the hospital. It is with first-hand experience that I can say what a wonderful difference they make as a result. During the times when I was feeling down, the injection of colour and wonderful craftsmanship and kindness warmed my heart so I knew that as soon as Thomas was home, I would like to join in and give something back.

It will not make these babies better but these small square quilts make the place look much better, distracting the eye from all the medical equipment hooked up to these gorgeous, poorly babies.

I'm letting Thomas settle into more of a routine before I really get cracking on my donations (plus, I need to finish off his height chart too)  but I really wanted to promote this worthwhile cause to other fabric and yarn hoarders to see if I could raise some additional support.

For more information about the Ray of Hope volunteer team and to contribute your creations to this cause, please click on the above link. They have free patterns on there too for this purpose.

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Baby Thomas is here

Hi all

A really quick update to bring you at this ungodly hour . . . damn these night feeds, is that our little boy Thomas made his merry way into the world at 9:12pm on Saturday 7th June.

He got off to a rough start and was in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for 9 days and then I fell poorly with mastitis which further added to our time in hospital.

He has better nails than me!

The good news now though is that we are both home and making a great recovery.

Hope to be back stitching very soon


Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Fabric Scrap Swap (UK only) #1

Hi all,

I thought that it'd be fun to organise a fabric scrap swap with those of you who need some new fabrics to add to your already bulging stash. I love nothing more than new fabrics to use in my applique and patchwork projects.

I find that new fabrics (well, new to me that is!), can inspire all matter of fun interesting projects and my stash could do with an injection of new finds. . . . . . .

Message me below, via my Twitter account @EDiS_UK or mail me at to be included in this swap. I suggest the send-off deadline should be June 14th 2014.(I'll pair you with a swap partner by June 8th)

To ensure fairness and satisfaction all-round, all participants must follow these basic guidelines: 

  • The combined weight of your fabric must weigh 100g (4oz) before packaging
  • Fabric must be good quality
  • Fabric must be clean & relatively crumple free
  • Fabric should measure no smaller than 5cm x 5cm (2″x2″)
  • At least three-quarters of the fabric scraps should be cotton
  • Fabric must come from a non-smoking environment and must be free of pet hair!
  • You can include vintage or thrifted fabric as long as it meets the above criteria
  • Include any other treats or crafting / sewing goodies that you want to put in your parcel in addition to the above should you wish (don’t go mad – let’s keep this pressure-free!)
  • Send your parcel off to your swap recipient by 14th June
  • Keep in touch and let us know how your swap has gone
  • Only open to participants based in the UK.
As this is the first (of hopefully many) EDiS swaps, there may be some teething problems but ultimately EDiS can't be held responsible beyond arranging this fun and beneficial event by putting potential 'swappers' in touch with each other.

Please, please, pretty please only enter our swap if you will follow through.

I look forward to hearing from you and who knows, we could make this a quarterly event.

Gemma x